Thank you from your winner – Matt!

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I would like to start by dedicating my win to science! Without science this competition wouldn’t exist (obvs) and so I wouldn’t be able to tell you how fab science is and how much I love it!

It has been a really exciting 2 weeks of chats and questions; I especially enjoyed the questions on communism and penguins. There were some excellent questions, some downright weird questions, and some questions that made me second guess myself. But every question made me more excited to answer the next, and all the questions have given me a renewed enthusiasm for my work! I will go back into the lab reinvigorated, not to find a cure for cancer, (because I don’t do that and it’s too difficult) but to better understand what makes cancer so weird and wonderful, so thank you for that!

I want to say I have learnt a lot, but in reality I already knew kids were incredibly weird. I guess this event has reinforced how much I love talking about myself and science so thanks for that! And by winning you have definitely made me even more big headed.

Well done to all the scientists in the Actinium Zone! I genuinely thought Adam was going to win as soon as I read his description (snake venom research!!). Thanks to the mods for organising and running the event with supreme authority and excellent enforcement of the CAPS ban. Special thanks go to modemily and modmichaela who made sure I won by banning my critics.

Finally, thanks to all the people who voted for me (and those that didn’t I guess…). Whoever and wherever you are, know that without you I wouldn’t have won (obvs). Hopefully now you all think cancer is as cool as I do!

I had a blast!

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